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Crying over anything

My son is three years old and has recently started crying over any and everything. His father and I are seperated and since he is in the military, he is often gone. For the past month or so, he has been very defiant and seems to be acting out; taking his time to follow direction or requiring duplicate instruction. When corrected, he cries and asks for his father. It is becoming very frustrating for me because I cant change the situation and the crying is (for lack of better words), getting on my nerves. My goal is to be patient but I am considering getting him counseling, if this behavior persists. Is there anyone who is going through or has been through anything similar? If so, what did you do?

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When he acts out he crys for his daddy, right? I did the same thing with both of my parents. when I was in 2nd grade I will never forget this as long as I live, when I was in 2nd grade I used to punch the other kids in the stomach and I would get on the color red like every day or at least four out of five days and I lived with my mommy ( my parents where only married for the first three months of my life, then he cheated and he left us, my mom just recently told me that all of my first holidays; Christmas, Easter, Halloween, thanksgiving,valentines, and my birthday they spent together as a family well for me mainly) anyhow so she was the one who did all of the punishings and i would go visit my dad every other weekend from Friday at 6 till Sunday till about anywhere from 6 to 9. well my mom would tell him that I was punished from TV the phone the computers and any games that was at his house. well i dont know why i figured because he only seen me two weekends out of the months that he just let me do whatever. anyways when my mom would ground me or whatever she called it punishment I would tell her that I wanted to live with my daddy, and when he would put me on punishment I would want my mommy well one day when I was about 12 they caught on so i started in on I want to see my Grandmother! Whelp they would let me and tell her you not all of the not suppose to's. But no matter what g~maw never listened she always let me do what I wanted. It was funny then but now that I look back at what all happened then I was a hellion at times and at others I was a good kid who was always getting in trouble for nothing. My father was addicted to methamphetamine s when I was a kid well actually he still is but my point with that was that when I was visiting i didn't see him but like for a few minutes here a few there cause he was always locked in his room with his bestie meth. so that was one reason he never stuck to the punishments with me he wasn't fully there. anyways my whole point of this story was If your child or children feel as if they are not getting enough attention they are going to act up and when they reach the point of acting up it's over they could care less what kind of attention they got positive or negative as long as they were being recognized for something. Maybe with his dad gone most of the time then he is more then likely gonna give you a hard time and when dad's back he will be on his best behavior with his father, ask him the next time they spend time together how his attitude was. I promise you it has a whole lot to do with his father then what you think it does. any ways sorry for the long life story i give better advice with stories thanks