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Child Services - More Harm than Good!

Child Services - What began as a protective service for children has turned into a family destroying entity that is spiraling out of control. There are countless stories where innocent families have been, for lack of a more fitting term, system raped. Yet no one seems to care or is unable to stop this problem. I agree abuse exists, I also agree children need protection, but in many situation CYS eventually becomes the one abusing. They Abuse parents and child’s trust, they abuse their power, and they abuse the very system of our beloved government. Yet rather than address this problem Government officials, media, and the general public do nothing, partly because there is nothing we can do. This is how it starts

An allegation is made for what ever reason, whether it be a concerned teacher, malicious neighbor, or angry spouse, all allegations must be investigated. They arrive at your home with a guilt until proven innocent attitude and display that with in their interrogation. Dirty dishes, miscellaneous clutter, and things of that nature become major problems. They berate you as parent for these conditions regardless of the severity. They command you to fix any problem items they have found and in some instances can have Code Enforcement involved and even condemn your home. Once the investigation has started - you and your child’s life become a 0 tolerance battle ground where every scratch must be fully proven to be “not abuse”. In the event that they do take your child / children you now have to fund court processes, lawyers and general costs of such a legal matter to get your children back.

Child services at this point has destroyed your family unit, emotional crippled you and is draining your assists. Is this not system abuse of a bigger power? Is there anything we can do? Does anyone care that good families are being destroyed in their money hungry witch hunts?

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i have a friend there son was almost taking away oly because they dident have A child lock on the bedroom door. childservices told them they had to move out in 3 days or they boy was going in foster. for a year they lived in a homless selter that was''approved'' only bacause any every house or apartment buildings were not ''approved'' trust me that boy had everything under the sun even if he dident need it.....there was no reason.

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I agree with you. As a child I was abused and I told someone and when the social worker came to my home all my step father did was lie and they belived him. I had to remain in a abusive home until I was 17 years old. With that being said child protective services these days takes it to the extreme,which is very insulting to someone like me. Don't take away from the children truly being abused! I feel like I can't even discipline my child because of these ridiculous witch hunts.