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bedwetting/useing diapers

i recently put my 12 year old back in cloth diapers and plastic pants for bed wetting due to the cost i chose this type but hes been in for 2 months now he tells me that he kinda likes wearing them at nite and wants to use them in the day --- im confussed i thought this would help him to stop wetting any help on this ?? im not sure if he just likes to wear diapers or i dont know .HELP!!!! 

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if your treated like a baby you`ll fill and act like a baby.before long you`ll become a baby again.the life of a baby is the best and easyest life to live.so don`t use diapers on older kids.there other ways to deal with bedwetting.i have a 14 year old daughter whe started bedwetting again.so i put her back into nighttime diapers.soon she begin wetting her panties during the daytime too she said she liked wearing diapers and so i put her back into diapers full time. she regressed into a baby again.today shes incontinence she has to wear diapers all the time and have full time care.don`t let this happen to you.i wish i hadn`t but it to late for me.i`m trying to wean and potty train her again.but nothing is working.

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Seanseannie12: This is for real, my son is 12 and has recently started taking his little sister's diapers and wetting them. We've talked about it. He and I, he made me promise I wouldn't tell Dad. What do you know about this? I was going to try to contact that guy lone dad until I saw your post.