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9 year old daughter suspended from school for hitting

The dreaded phone call from the Principal. My daughter Leilani was suspended today for 'fighting' in school today. No punches...they eat slapped each other in the arm. Nevertheless, she was suspended for one day from school but wonder what kind of talk I should have with her and what should the punishment be? It's sooo not like her and I'm truly disappointed but don't want to go over board. What can I do or say? I'm truly at a loss for words.

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Hi i think you should sit down and talk with her not at her and ask her what happened and what she she thinks about the situation and what she would do if she was you or the principal. This might give you an idea how she feels about the issue and if she feels hitting is right or are there other options to conflict resolution and what other options might she have. But let her do the talking and thinking you just sit back and listen. Also have the children resolved the issue and is it finished?