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20 month old grandson very very bad

I havee a 20 month old grandson and sometimes I think he should be tested for I dont even know, something. lets start he still wakes up about 4 times in the middle of the night it takes a very long time to put him to sleep and when he sleeps he twitches alot. He doesnt talk much, he says one to two word sentences only, he bites all the time we cannot keep him alone even with his older brother. he is very very hyper, my daughter is exhausted, she has tried everything from time out to no toys. I have never seen a child act like this. His brother has bruises from him hitting him with objects. When he gets mad he screams very loud and sometimes hits himself and or bangs his head. Is there possibly a medical problem his doctor says he is fine but they havent tested him for anything, dont know what to do????

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I believe at 20 months, one to two word sentences is VERY normal. Likewise, many children this age bite, leaving their siblings and playmates bruised. Biting is not what we want our toddlers to do, but it is common, so it is up to us to keep them away from other kids once the biter is about to do his thing. Also consistently telling him that he is hurting people when he bites is important, although it may not change his behavior, at least it puts him on notice that biting is not OK and it is the early stages of teaching him empathy for others. Head banging and similar behavior as well as screaming is SO typical (although very hard for us to watch). My 19 month old has done most of this (except not biting but instead hitting) and still does it.