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2 year says she wants to kill mommy

What do I say or do when my 2 year old tells me she wants to kill mommy, when we have to do simple task like diaper change, get dressed or even meal time. I just had another baby girl 2 months ago. How do I handle this behavior.

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Go immediately to a qualified child psychologist!! Get your child the professional help she needs now!

I am a professional, and deal with profoundly disturbed children whose parents did not get help for their child at a young age. Getting help now can prevent future difficulties for your child and family.

Just curious, how did your child learn this very negative concept? Most 2 y/o children do not understand the concept of killing.

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I'd just very sternly say "NO!" the next two times she says it. Then ignore it for the next week.

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concerned mom

At 2 yrs old, I really don't think your child knows the full meaning of "kill" right now. Somewhere along the way, your daughter must've picked up those words, and now she's using them. I really don't think she wants to kill you. Personally speaking, I wld just discipline her every time she says these words, just as you wld if she said anything else you disapprove of. I wld be more concerned about her showing you respect than her truly wanting to hurt you. Kids pick up things when you least expect them to. Your daughter might've even heard these words on TV. Be careful what you say around her, and monitor her environment closely. It's your job to be a good role model for your children. Words like "I want to kill you" shld be curbed from your vocabulary, b/c even if said in an innocent manner, they can be taken more seriously by others later on. In addition, you don't want a kid who's going to say such things each time she gets angry. Try teaching her self control techniques, and show her how to handle herself by your example in daily situations. Also, I agree that you shldn't dwell so much on the negative, but instead focus on correcting the behavior for the better. Good luck!

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Does the child even know what she is saying? At that age, can she understand the concept of "killing"? I wonder...