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Unidentified Rashes

My 5 month old has got this rash over most of his upper body and down partly on his legs.  The main areas are his chest and neck.  People are telling us varying things...heat rash, food allergy, etc.  The big thing is, it doesn't really seem to be bothering him too much.  He's irritable, but we think he's got some teeth coming in.  Without going to the doctor (which we will if it gets worse and or it seems to be irritating him) does anyone have any home rememdies or things that have worked for them?  Parts of it seem to be really dry, almost like sand paper.


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My son had a rash that was just like that when he was about your son's age. The Dr. told me it was heat rash, so I gave him lukewarm baths every day and really tried to avoid the heat (especially long car trips without good AC). I had been putting Eucerin on it before I knew what it was and that made it worse. It cleared up pretty quick once I started taking care of it though. Good luck. 

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It could be ezcema.  My daughters all have it and it can get itchy.  I used a lotion called Renew on it and it took care of it quickly.