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Does anybody else's kids have this problem?

When I was younger and used to get sick, we had sore throat spray, we had zinc lozenges, children's Tylenol...oh Lord I absolutely hated those little pink chewable pills...and the purple ones weren't much better except a duller taste.

But I digress...when I was younger and would get sick, I would take these medicines, and they would not work. I would get even sicker, they  made me throw up all the time. Now other medicines like Triamedic and Vicks44D cough syrup, no problem, but that was about it.

Some people thought it was weird that I could not take regular medicines when I was sick. Does anybody else's kids react this badly to medicine too? It makes me wonder how people can shoot down home remedies and alternative treatments when there are some people that modern medicine just cannot do any good for and in fact can do more harm.