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Confused & Concerned

Ok here's the deal. I just found out that my step daughter has a rash in a very private place. She is 6. Is it ok for her father to still be applying creams and what not or is this something I should look into further?

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Has she to been seen by a doctor to find out what is causing the rash? If so and the cream has been prescribed by the doctor, then yes. If not, she needs to be seen by a doctor immediately to determine the cause of the rash.

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are you confused that her father is applying the creams and you feel that is something a woman should do, or are you talking about the rash itself?

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If your daughter is 6, maybe she can apply the cream herself?

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i think the child should be shown ny the mother how to use the cream so she can do it herself
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Fore give me but she's 6 and he is her father. My wife and I always shared things with the kids. Sounds like he's a good father and you sound like your a little jealous. Has the man ever done any thing out of line with her. It's part of his fathers duties.