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breast feeding when to stop???

I know of someone that breast fed their child till he was 5 years old. I find that odd, maybe somewhat sick. Is this natural or is their something wrong with the MOM?, or will the child benefit from this or hurt him?

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It's none of your business.

Sorry I was so abrupt.

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It is a personal choice. There is nothing unnatural about breastfeeding, no matter how long the mother chooses to do so.

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80 years ago in America, it was common especially in poorer families to nurse for a long time. In post war America, it became less common.

I agree with others that it's not your business, but it is outside of the normal convention of today's society.

Personally, I weened mine before they got teeth!

Breastfeeding is personal and should be a choice that each mother makes on her own, not what society thinks.

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My son turned 3 in August and I am still nursing. I know that people don't think this is good and I know I probably should stop but I don't want him to start sucking his thumb because he wasn't ready to be weened. I see that happen to alot of children I work with, whose moms either don't breast feed or stop breast feeding (they supplement by sucking on their thumb or fingers). I know this may not happen but I just don't know how to just stop (cold turkey) him from nursing? I know there is no nutritional value to him nursing now but I am still worried for other habits to form. I am going to my GYN soon, but I just wanted some advice on how to stop? I don't think anything is wrong with nursing longer than a year to be honest (it's just the feed back I get from others). And no..I don't want him to be 4 or 5 nursing either, although I have known people who nursed that long. I just want a way to stop without harming my son in the long run (by him picking up other habits). If that makes sense.