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The best match girls middle name to 'Esme'

i love the name Esme. i have several possible middle names and cant decide on one that goes perfectly.
here are some of my combinations...
Esme Rose
Esme Kate
Esme Madeline
Esme Grace
Esme Rianne
Esme Bethany

or a new one?
thank you

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Kat A. Pilar

Esme is a lovely, delicate name. Unless you plan to use the middle name all the time ( as in a double name;Esme Rose or Esme Grace) I think the name needs a longer and traditional middle name for balance. Instead of Kate, consider Kathryn. Instead of Rianne consider Rhiannon. Other names that seem to go well are Caroline, Veronica. Madeleine is a good match, but Bethany or any name with the "E" or "Y" sound will seem rhymY.

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esme rose and esme grace are both lovely.

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esme bethany
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esmea rose deffanetly