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Six year old troubles with Kindergarten transition

My six year old son is having difficulty in his kindergarten class. After over a month in school he has had only one "good" day. He is daily being put in a "safe seat". Two or three times a week he is being sent from the class into a buddy room or to spend time with the focus facilitator. His mother and I have noticed that he is starting to resist going to school and is play talking with himself. He will say to himself, "Will you play with me?" "No!", he answers "You don't have a green card, I won't play with you!" His class has a behavior card system. Green is good. He has only gotten the one green card. My son has been attending pre-school since he was two, and while he has had problems with transitioning to new classes, it has never been like this. The most common behavior problem is "not letting adults lead" We have sent the teacher and principal several emails, and had a parent teacher conference. My main objection is that we are not getting any details of how much time he is spending out of class or in the "safe seat" My wife and I also have a distinct negative reactions to the teacher. Hopefully, it is based on more than "you are making my son unhappy" I am afraid that a negative experience will cause social problems, chronic authority problems, and a disaffection with school in general.

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In my neighborhood many of the parents keep their sons out of kindergarten until after their sixth birthday. Most of the families that do this have at least one parent with a degree in elementary education. I sent my boy to kindergarten at five, then had him repeat kindergarten at six. It is just a difference in the way that boys and girls tend to develop.

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I have had this problem since sending to daycare at 3 yrs old. Nothing much has changed. My son gets VERY upset about having his name on the red square. Often it is only him or one other child. Now kindergarten and we had 8 bad days this year. At first I ignored the red, yellow, green as balony, but now he is getting aggressive in school and the bus. I decided today that he cant have tv for the evening if he has an X for the day. There has to be consequenses. We all need to be on the same page.

i have read to have a conference w principal, school counselor and teacher.

i have made an appt w the pediatrician. we will see where that goes. adhd is neurological, so that might be the next step.

he has glasses, so vision should be ok now.

mine also has problems w being overwelmed w noises, lights etc, and the leading problem you mentioned.

he is an only kid and i have now been more strict w him and not letting him get his way w everything anymore. he does try my patience and to get away with whatever he can.
let me know if you get some other good answers.

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Problems with noises, lights etc could be Sensory Integration issues. Do a Web search and see if you think this could be what is causing some of your son's issues.