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My 10-year old son can't write a proper text

Hi everybody,
My son is unable to write any sort of decent text, I mean he writes a story in 3 lines and refuses to practise his writing with me. Have you got any ideas I could use?

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The key is to show respect for the narratives he produces orally. When he's telling you something, whether it be about what happened in his day at school or about what he figured out about a product, get in the habit of listening enthusiastically. If there's something that needs clarifying, ask about it. Ask questions that probe about details, and about motivation. If you show this kind of interest in the things he tells you, it will make it natural when you ask the same kinds of things in his writing.
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Just try some entertaining method which brings some interest in him.You should deal with him a little more care.
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It can be normal and very frustrating. When I was young I hated it as well and really it wasn't until much later that I even cared about it. Sometimes you just have to make them do it over and over in a positive way of course but it has to be done and that's that.
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mayamay makes a great comment, but at age 10 this is probably an issue for school too? Some people argue they aren't really ready to read or write until about 3rd grade, but since they are expected to write 3-4 sentence paragraphs by the end of first grade in our US schools (ages 6 and 7) this can become quite a problem. So what mayamay suggests, but also speak with his teacher (when school starts again) so that the both of you can work together on it as well as look for signs there is a disability so he can get additional supports if he needs them. Especially if it is the physical act of writing that is the problem, you may find him allowed to type everything (for which I would recommend Typer Island) if there is a root challenge. If you homeschool, you can take the time mayamay suggests, but you might also want to check out my website. I've had this challenge with my own girl so I've written a few articles about writing skills education.
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You all bring up valid points. Have you tried a tutor? A professional writing expert? If not. I know the perfect company. We would love to help! Thanks!