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Kindergartener that is VERY large for his age

My 6-year-old kindergartener has been having some behavioral problems at school. He was sent to the assistant principal's office today for hitting another boy. He said that the other boy was teasing him and wouldn't stop.

My son is VERY large for his age. He turned 6 in December and is 4'4" and 70 pounds, so, yes, he does look like a 10 year old. He is so much bigger than the other kids that he has his own special desk that was brought in from a 4th grade class and can't sit at a table with the other kids because he just doesn't fit. He is constantly getting in trouble for getting up in the middle of class, but I honestly think that is because he wants to be part of a group like the other kids.

My husband has talked to his teacher about trying to find a way that he can sit with other kids instead of being isolated, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I don't know what to do. I'm very concerned about him because while he is different, I don't want him to feel separated from the rest of the kids. I think he is getting picked on more than he tells us because for the past week after he goes to sleep he has been having nightmares and I hear him crying in his sleep saying things like "Stop, leave me alone."

I know this is no excuse for hitting other kids and we are working on that. I just need help trying to find another way to approach the school to at least get away with his "special desk" so he doesn't have to feel so different.