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is it ADD or just a typical 5 year old?

at our recent parent/teacher conference, my son's kindergarten teacher informed us how concerened she was for our son's behavior. he does not pay attention and can't follow directions. the teacher has to teach while sitting at his desk and repeat what needs to be done directly to my son after telling the class. the best way that she put it is that he likes to venture off into his "own little world". he have always dealt with this at home as well, but i thought that being in school would alleviate the problem, guess i was wrong. now i am concerened as well. is this a sign of ADD or just a typical five year who needs to learn how to follow directions? i need some advice!!

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this information was from our parent/teacher conference last week....she said to give it until christmas so see if there is any improvement before we do anything drastic...however, that doesn't make me very comfortable...i am the type of person to act immediately...and i just want to know what it is exactly that i am dealing with....

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The thing is, children vary widely at this age. During this 18 month period, most children's brains change in structure from preschoolers' brains to students' brains. Until the physical development occurs, the child will behave like a preschooler.

Before the brain matures, about all you can do is provide rich physical environment and experiences. Anything like training or behavior modification you do will likely lead your child to think that he/she is stupid, lazy, or out of control. That is why you need to be patient.

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I agree with acitez. Patience is key and some of the teachers are so busy with 20+ students they don't have the patience to work with the children - that may have different ways they learn best. I found that the schools were I live are very quick to label the child with ADD or ADHD. We were told to medicate our child or they would go into Special Education. This is a child who had A's and B's, one C. Our child is a visual learner and is excelling in a different environment now. Best of luck to you, I hope you find the answer!

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It could be a maturity thing. Remember boys mature slower at this age then girls. Does your son have a summer birthday?

How is your son developing academically? Is he learning? Is he behind academically?

If you are still concerned and want to do something now, take your son to the doctor and ask his opinion.

Good luck.