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My son, Liam, has been struggling with his mind for years. He started showing signs as early as preschool, and he currently is in 1st grade. He is experiencing behavioral issues, hard time concentrating, not completing his work at school. Argues with the teachers, gives us easily, doesn't participate with class activities.. oh the list could go on. We have had several meetings with the schools counselors, the dean of students and other specialist. He had the evaluation through our schools county, along with being evaluated with an outside behavioral specialist. The outside source states that he shows signs of a learning disability and ADHD. So we take him to his doctor, but the doctor doesn't want to start him on any medication until the summer break so we can watch his side effects. He is constantly being suspended from either the bus or from school, and even today he mooned four girls on the bus, which resulted to the authorities to be called. The police talked with him, as CPS (Children Protective Services) came in and questioned the girls. Which two of the four girls were my daughters. CPS questioned them how we discipline our children, and even took their photographs. We can't get any answers from the school, CPS isn't returning our call, and now we are trying to contact the school superintendent, with no luck. I thought about homeschooling my son, so at least he could get help education wise, but I don't know if that is the best thing. The school is delaying the process to test him for learning disabilities, and ADHD. We want to hold him back in first grade.. but we just aren't getting answers from anybody. HELP! We live in Florida.. if that helps anybody in what the laws are down here. I want help for him, I don't want him to suffer anymore, much less I don't want him to get in anymore trouble. He is also showing signs of dyslexia.

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What is your understanding about his lack of self-control?

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I don't have much advice to give, but keep talking to your doctors about evaluating your son's needs. Talk to them about what to do at school. It sounds like your son needs an IEP, which public schools are required by law to provide.

You really have to advocate for your child at school. Lots of school officials are busy and aren't that great at returning calls. I'd send letters to the school regarding your sons ADD or other problems, your expectations, etc. and keep a copy for your records.