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first grade talker

Hello all, I have a first grader, who has just resently been getting in trouble for talking in class.  When this happened the first time we sat down and spoke to our son regarding this matter and that if it happened again he would be punished.  Yesturday he brought home his weekly folder with not one but 2 marks against him.  I was very upset, I know I have a very good son, but what happened.  He was suppost to stay the night with a friend tonight but we told him that he would not get that and that for a week he would be grounded ( no friends here and he would not get to go to his friends house).  This morning I spoke to his teacher and told her that if this continues I would like for him to be seperated from the rest of his table.  In speaking to another students mom (the one he was suppost to stay the night with) she told me that I was being to hard on him.  I feel that if I do nothing then I am saying that talking in class is ok.

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We had this same problem with my daughter in first grade She is now in Ninth. She had always been a social butterly. She would tell us she forgot to be quiet. I thought and thought and came up with the following I got a cute little mouse sticker and put it on her desk so when she saw it she was reminded to be quiet as a mouse. It also worked that if the teacher noticed she was starting to rev up she would just wander by and tap it to remind her. The teacher like my method so much she still uses it in her class room. By the way only had to do in first grade by 2nd she was able to rememeber to be quiet when she was suppose to be. Hope this might help.

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Thanks, I will talk to his teacher and see if this moight help, not sure. His teacher does not really have a tight grasp on the class from what I have seen. But that is a good idea. Thanks again

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I am having the same problem with my Kindergartner. For the first 2 grading periods, we would talk about it. I took away t.v., didn't let him play outside, etc. (only for a day or 2). He comes home everyday talking about fighting with other kids and other kids in the class with behavior problems, so now I am starting to think it is a classroom management issue rather than a true behavior problem. 5 year old are just beginning to develop verbal skills, and are forming their first social relationships so I think that some extra talking should be expected. I have a meeting with the teacher next week-how should I address this?

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concerned mom

Is it possible for you to observe your child in the classroom? This way you can see first hand what's going on, and you can work on trying to correct the behavior at home. It doesn't hurt to ask.