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Defiant behavior at school

My son recently has gotten 3 D's in school. To say I was shocked was an understatement. He reads at home, he does his homework. But according to the teacher he is not doing his classwork, is disruptive in class, yells at other students when something doesn't go his way he is argumentative and defiant. And he doesn't do what he is told. He tells me that he tells the teacher and she does not about what goes on in class, from the bullying, to kids stealing his pencils, to one kids smashed his pencil sharpener. Can I rely on the teachers word alone or does what my son have to say have merit. He says the school is too easy but the other school he was having problems in as well. Basically not doing what he is told.

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my son at school gets in a lot of trouble at school due to the fact that he is [filtered word]y about his talent in football. he graded are fair. he does his homework on sum occasions. he got in trouble the other day because of a basketball game he attended where he was bragging how good he was in football wit another player that played football so he had ben suspended.

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i try for teaching job many times and when i gave demo to them i realize that children are to cute but they are to naughty to some of student just need teacher that teacher give attention to only that boy and rest of students are annoying and start to make noise start fighting .......... my opinion is describing that two children has different attitude and one is stubborn and sweet