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What is your favorite name?

Hey All


What is your favorite name for a girl and what is your favorite name for a boy?  What name do you like least.  What are your reasons for liking or disliking a name?


Let me hear from you!



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laura varney

my favorite name is Gabbyodeny for a boy and kate for a girl I don't like sam coz lods of people are called sam

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laura varney

Hi Marti

Gabbyodeny  is a ex Derby County player. My cat is named after him. His full name was Marco Gabbyodeny

From Laura

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i like the name Nevaeh.. it's my dughters name i like it because it's heaven spelt backwards and as a christian that means something to me. I like the name Landon for a boy. there was a guy in my class in highschool named landon and he was the sweetest guy anyone would meet and the name stuck. Name associtaion i guess

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Hey everyone I think julien Noel is a pretty name for a boy and for a girl Adrien Lee. I really like them because not everyone has them names.

                      luv j chavez
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Hi everyone..just thought i would put in my two

I like names that you can both say in english and french..Like Jeremy
or Nadia or Kelly-Ann  or Marius or  Caleb or Chanelle...I
could go on and  love names,,,It took us for ever too
choose our 2 kids names...but in the end I'm gladd i chosse the ones i

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I just had to reply - Kate is a great name! I wanted to call my daughter Katherine (possible Kate as a nn) but we named her Laura Katherine.  I get so many compliments on her name.  Laura is pretty and classic but not trendy.  She just turned 6 and she loves her name because nobody else has it.

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AJ  FOR   A   BOY    AISHERA   FOR   A    GIRL   OK.

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I like Gabriel for a boy and Lucy for a girl. I thought Lucy wasn't very common anymore, but when my daughter was born and we named her that the nurse said that there were 3 Lucy's born in that hospital in the last few days.
There is a girl in my town named Brett which is a fine name for a boy, but I'd hate to do that to a girl. My name is Jo, and it's been hard enough for me with all the phone calls and letters for "Mr. Jo ......"

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When I was young I thought if I ever had a girl I would name her Hope.  I always loved that name and thought it was beautiful and uncommon.  Unfortunately, my now ex disagreed and we settled on Taylor (with my last name as her middle, at least).  Now there are "Taylors" everywhere!  I also like the classic name Lisa.  How can you be ugly when you're named Lisa?  Last two are a little exotic:  Petra and Brisa.  Now that I am divorced, I wish I could have chosen another name.  Oh well, she looks like a Taylor.  Thanks.  I think boy's names are more difficult, so I'm glad I had a girl (at 43!).  Kind of like Alec.

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I have a neice named Laura Katherine.  I like the name Kate.  That is my daughter's middle name.  For a boy I like the name Gabriel and call him Gabe.