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what do you think about these names?

landyn donald for a boy. paisley renee for a girl?

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I think Landyn Donald is a good combination, but don't like the "y" in the name. Is it to be probounced "Landon"? I guess I'm a fan of more conventional spellings. I think if it is pronounced "Landon" the y could confuse, and also makes the name look more feminine.

Paisley Renee is a good combination of first name and middle name. But like I said, I think I'm personally a fan of more conventional names.

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The boy would be made fun of, trust me. The girls name is sort of cute.

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is it the name or the spelling you are commenting on as far as getting made fun of?

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well we like the name landon we just noticed alot of people were using that spelling and we wanted something a bit different so we added the y.

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In my opinion, changing the spelling of a name does not make the name different. It just makes the name looked mispelled.

Landon Donald and Paisley Renee are beautiful names. :)