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Suggestions for our new babies please!

My husband and I are looking for ideas for our new twins due April 18th. We have five other children:
Troy Leon Wilbur, 9
Raulete Ignacio Edmund, 7
Frankie-Lee Mariangeles Lisette, 5
Seraphina Loucee Roxannette, 4
Casper-Lucas Diego Andrew, 18 months

We're looking for boys and girls suggestions. We like double-barrelled names that are a little quirky or unusual pairings. We've tended to use family names for some of the boys' middle names, the girls' we chose ourselves. So far I'm struggling to think of even a top 5 for each gender, maybe Rosita or Evie-Jessica for girls, or Darryl-Hayden for a boy. I'm not sure! Any suggestions would be fantastic, particularly things that "go" as twins and with our other children. Thank you so much!

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You are a happy parent - God bless all of your children!

For boys I like the names:
Richard Hayden
Arthur Grobbel

For girls:
Mona Jessica Annette
Amy Harley Veronica
Esmeralda Juliette Renee

Things like that. Hope I was helpful. (I made up the name combinations, hope they sound good :-))