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Professional Girl's Name?

My husband and I want to name our soon to arrive daughter Riley, but we're worried it doesn't sound professional. Since this a name she will live with for the rest of her life, we don't want it to hold her back professionally in the future.

Does it sound like a little girl's name or the name you would read on a Dr's coat or CEO's door? :)

Thank you for any and all thoughts!

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Riley was originally a boy's name that has become popular for a girl. IMO it is a cutesy not a professional sounding name, but it is your choice.

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Any name preceded by Dr or followed by PhD will be just fine.

My mother's test still applies. See how it sounds when you YELL the full name out the back door, as in, "Margery Ann Buckminster, you get in this house RIGHT NOW!"

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Honestly, I think it's fine. And I also think that it's sad that a person wouldn't go to a doctor based off of his/her name. Doesn't make the slightest bit of sense to me.

That said I'm not a fan of the name. For me, it is too unisex and trendy.

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This is from a "Nana's" point of view, but I think having a unisex name like Riley (which I love) would have its advantages professionally. Hopefully 25 years from now, women won't still be discriminated against in the professional world, as they are now. However if that is not the case, having a name that does not directly reflect gender could be an advantage - especially when filling out job applications as it is illegal to ask gender questions. I say if you love the name Riley, go for it. I think it is more an advantage than a disadvantage. You might want to pick a girly middle name though. :-)

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Worrying if your daughter's name sounds professional or not shouldn't be a concern, as long as she presents herself to be a professional her name shouldn't matter.

What I would worry about it is her being mistaken for a boy( job applications, roll call in school). My husband has a unisex name and he hates it. When he was born, Taylor was popular for boys and now it seems to be the exact opposite. Hope that helps!

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Riley is a last name. I'd stick with a more traditional/feminine name.