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A Patrick born in March?

My due date is March 19th. Patrick is one of the few boy names my husband and I both like and it works well with the middle name we've picked (Allen, a family name). Would it be a terrible thing to name our boy Patrick when he will be born so close, possibly even on, St. Patrick's Day? (We have only the tiniest bit of Irish blood.)

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There are probably millions of boys/men named Patrick born in March. What do you view as being potentially a problem with this?

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If you are afraid he'll be teased, don't worry about it. He will get teased. Everybody gets teased. Everybody needs to get over it.

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concerned mom

If you like the name, choose it. I wldn't worry about the date so much. I think it's more likely that a kid wld get made fun of for his particular name, not for when he was given that name. Patrick is a fairly common boys name, so I wldn't be concerned about it. Just think how many parents name their December baby girls Noelle or Holly.

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Thanks all! After asking around with family and friends, we're much more ok with it. Might not use it if the baby is born 2 days early, actually on St. Patrick's Day. But around the date, we're now ok with it.

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I love the name Patrick! Having Saint Name days are the best!