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Okay last names? (renaming)

My first name is Leah, and I am trying to come up with a last name that sounds REAL, but not too common. (Please don't ask reasons for the name change, I'm not asking IF I should change my name...)

I've come down to these last names:

Marine, Hoffman, or Rhyne (one syllable, sounds like "rine")

Which should I go with?

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I like some of your ideas for last names, but you need to think of what they sound like together... Leah Rhyne.... sounds like leanne rymes (sp)

what about Leah Hael (said like hail)... or you could said hay ell... then not only would it sound okay together, you would be one of the only people that have the same name spelled forward as well as backward...

just some thoughts

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Of those three I'd take Hoffman, as I don't personally know anybody with any of these last names, but I have at least seen the name Hoffman before, makes it seem more real.

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I'm gonna vote for Hoffman too!