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Need some help to name my son

I am due in January and I am having a hard time choosing a name. I would like something that is not too common but not awfully strange. We are trying to come up with  first and middle names that start with H and J. The reasoning is that my name is Heather and dad's name is Joseph. We did great with our first son, his name is Jayden Hyde and I love it. Some names I've found are: Jax, Jerick, Justus, Hardy, Hawk, and afew more. Please help with any suggestions. 

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I love the name Harrison and Jade  Not sure if that would work for you though.  Harry for short is kind of classic.

Jackson is a nice J name and I've seen it Jaxon too.

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Hi we named our son Jareth which is unique where we live and sometimes gets confused with Jared but we like it, its derived from Gerald meaning warrior and you wont find it in many baby books !!!!!!!

When choosing a name please consider nicknames and what it may be shortened to.

All the best

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I have a daughter named Jadyn and a son named Hudson James.  I love his name and do not hear it at all.  My daughter Jadyn's name is alittle more common now, but wasn't so much 5 years ago.  I hope that helps.

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After reading your choice for names I felt I needed to write you and share something. Your name choices are beautiful and I would be proud to call my child any one of them, careful of how you spell your childs name. Mine are all grown now and I am so glad that I went with traditional spellings. We all want our kids to be special and separate in some way and this is one way to do it, but it is very difficult for the child. I work in a school and most kids want to be like their peers. But the mass confusion children suffer because of the many times they have to give and spell their names throughout their lifetime is overwhelming for them, especially having to constantly correct the person that is putting their name on paper. Just think of all the times in your life when you had to give your name to someone. I am one of those who had to do that because of a wierd spelling of a name. I hate it and have hated it all my life because it made me look dumb in a long line or whatever and all my life it was spelled wrong everywhere I went or miss pronounced. So, speaking from a mother, now a grandmother who has 3 grandkids with one having a ridiculous spelling to her name, she will ask herself a thousand times when she gets older why the heck did her mom do that! I know. Good luck, p.s. Hayden, Haley (like the comet), Janelle, Jarrod. Jeanette, Hayden are good and spelled correctly.


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I would have to agree with genie about the spelling.  I spelled my 6 months old name with an "en" and everyone is spelling it "on", very frustrating already and I can't imagine how it will be for him.  I do like the name Jayce Hoffman or Jocey Hayden.

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hello friend. of course ı can be help you for that. ı have a idea this matter. ı have a few name. example; ömer, yıldırım, alptekin, oğuzkaan, timur, kaplan. all those are turkish name but all those are very meaningfull. if ı help you about that matter, ı am happy. pls answer. tace care and everbody hi.

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Thank you all for the great names. we made a decision and will name our little boy, Jareck Hardie. I found that Jareck means: strong, gifted ruler. Hardie means: daring. Hopefully the name will fit him well. As we found with our first son, Jayden means: God has heard. It is fitting for him.  

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Jeremy Hugo

Jeremy Hugh

Jeremiah Hunter

Jerome Henry

Jack Huon

Joel Harrison


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I like the name Jackson too. It's not really common.

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Jaython Harrison

Jaspier Holden

I know a little boy name Hayes