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Need Opinions on a Name

Baby Girl: "Legend Giselle"

Her brother's name is "Kingston David". What do you think of the proposed girl name above. If you don't like, please offer suggestions.


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How about Rianna Giselle? I have a preference for names that are not common words.

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well I would think about a more common name because kids with weird names tend to get bad grades and is harder for them to get hired, its true I promise.

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Hi David,

I think Legend is a fantastic name! I have an unusual name and I can say I had straight A's in both High School and University. And I've always gotten a jobs that I've applied for. In fact in my experience having an uncommon name has been only a bonus in life. You stand out and people remember you.

Anyway that's just my five cents worth :)

Good luck with your new baby.


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Animated Life

hey no disrespect... i just want to offer my opinion. I like Giselle but not so hot on Legend. the name offers great stories and also may be a subject of teasing growing up.

How about Lugielle?

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sounds like a video game dont think shell like it what about giselle rose