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need a middle name first name savannah

okay im due in three months and haveing a little girl. i know for sure her first name is going to be savannah but stumped on a middle name i know i dont like fillers such as kay rose and grace. so, i was thinking about onica or sydney. but if you have any other suggestions please fell free to share.

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michelle barry
Savannah Rose
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I think with longer first names middle names that are shorter often sound best I like: Savannah Lee Savannah Jo Savannah Rain ( this is my favorite I like names with a little quirk)
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My daughter's name is Savanna Marie. Every time someone asks her name 9 times out of 10 she hears "what a beautiful name". It is very simple as it just flows together since Savanna has 3 syllables, stick to a short middle name. I didn't use an H on the end only because her last name starts with an H & its silent anyway. Good luck :)
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like your opinions