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Need help with a name

Our last name is Ayer and we would like a A name. Any thoughts for a boy of Girl. We like Anderson, Andrew or Austin for a boy but are suck with a middle name..thoughts ?

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I like Ava for a girl. I also like Reese for a middle name...boy or girl. Good Luck!!

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Bryson for boy middle name
Anye (pronounced short "O" On-Yeah)
for a girl first name

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And i like Anna or Amy for a girl... As for the boy's middle name, maybe Brendan?

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concerned mom

Anderson Luke
Andrew Joseph or Andrew Ryan
Austin Luke
Other A names: Adam, Aiden, Alexander

Ava Rose
Addison (Addy) Grace
Allison Rae
Alexa Jade
Other A names: Audrianna, Ashley, Amanda, Amber, Ariel, Alexandra, Alexandria

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I like these names;
GIRL: Allison Rose Ayer
Boy: Andrew Blair Ayer

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My name is Ariel grace
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adelynn alexzander
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My husband want to name the boy dale after my grandpa. I am not sure about the girl name yet.