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Need help with baby #3 girl name.

We have a daughter Taylor Michelle and a son Colton Xander.

I am now expecting our 3rd child. If it is a boy we've decided on Sebastian Kade.

Girl's name we are stuck on. We've so far agreed on Heidi for a first name, although I really love Rowan, but my family and friends don't like Rowan :(

My husband likes Heidi Gwendolyn.
I like Heidi Brooke better.

Any suggestions on other girls names that we may have overlooked? Any suggestions for a different middle name to go with Heidi?

Our last name rhymes with Jesse, so we can't use any names like Casey, Mackenzie, etc..

Thank you!

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Here are my picks....

Heidi Alexandra
Heidi Arianna
Heidi McKenna
Heidi Elizabeth
Heidi Brianne
Heidi Lauren

If I was going to name my daughter Heidi, the middle name would be one of these.

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Heidi Ann?

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How about Heidi Lyn?

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a name we considered briefly for our daughter (now 4m old) was Heidi Elise
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heidi spencer