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Names You Like The LEAST

What names do you not like the most, or what names have you come across and thought "what were they thinking?!"

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concerned mom

I don't like names that are too cute or too old sounding. I like names that are sophisticated, but that can be shortened to a nickname as well. Expl: Katie is cute, but for a grown woman I'd prefer Katelyn or Katherine. I don't like names like Beatrice, Harold, Roberta or Clarence. They sound too old to me. Just my opinion.

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I like names that have a special meaning passed down the line. In my family lee is mine i passed to daughter but spelled leigh. Helen for my grandma. we usualy use them as middle names. Though,I absolutely hate my ex for making me pass his middle name ,ortie for my son. he talks of changing his middle and last name to my 2 be husbands last name when he is able to.wants austin formiddle cuz that what i wanted and goes with tyler(he was born in texas)