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my name i dont know what it means Naydena

my mom named my nadyena i dont know any one wit it to ask them what it means can any one help

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When i first read yoru name, what came to my mind was, "A new day" or a fresh begining....nice name

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concerned mom

Is your name Naydena or Nadyena?
Interesting name. What nationality is that?

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Contact BARUCH College, modern languages dept., new york city I believe they will look it up for you and let you know the answer,

Gordon Gala

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have you asked your family? I didnt find an exact match but will look for you the closest i found was; Nadyan-reflective, or Nayana-winner.either way it is beautifull and should be proud of such an amazing name.

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Your name is very old and very beautiful.It comes from old slavic languages ( Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian)and means"I am found" or "I have been found".

I know people from my background who still have this name.(nayden for boy, and naydena for girl)

Actually,this information can help you trace your roots.