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Meaningful Yet Modern--Suggestions Needed!

My husband and I are expecting our first :) We, like many parents, want a name that honors family and has a sense of tradition or meaning behind it, yet is still modern. So far, our top picks are Colt or Abigail, however, neither feels like "it" to me.

Family names that could be incorporated or honored in some way are:

Unfortunately, none of those names are ones I would want to specifically use, but anything "inspired by" those names would work. Creativity welcome! (For example, we like Colt because Phillip means "horse lover" and Colt means "young horse") Also, my maiden name is Italian (Panaggio) and I would love to incorporate that in some way, but my married name is Glissman, so anything too Italian-sounding doesn't work well with that. We had thought of Giana for a girl's middle name (taken from the letters in Panaggio) but I'm hoping for some more suggestions.

Ideas for a meaningful yet modern name? Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated!

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concerned mom

I have friends who named their daughter Margaret after her grandmother. They call her Maggie. Maggie Glissman is cute. Also Margarite is Italian for Margaret if you wanted a variation to the name. I love the name Giana. It's popular, though, but still very pretty. Another thought: How about Viana taken from Vivian and Giana? That wld be different. For a boy, when you mentioned "horse lover", I immediately thought of Ryder (as in rider of a horse). Ryder Phillip Glissman is nice, if you don't mind using Phillip as a middle name.
I found a baby book very helpful when selecting my kids' names. You can find a number of modern ethnic names and their meanings. Go to any bookstore or library. Good luck w/ choosing a name and much happiness w/ the new baby to come!

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Ronald (means wise ruler): Donald, Roan, Rowan, Raul, Roald, Erik, Alric, Conrad, Mackenzie, MacKinley

Melissa (means honey bee): Millicent, Mischa, Melisanda, Larissa, Clarissa, Deborah, Debra, Debbie, Devri

Vivian (lively): Viva, Vida, Arianne, Rhian, Violet, Vanessa (not a bad combo of Melissa and Vivian), Vevina, Aisha, Gale, Keilah, Kelly

Margaret (pearl): Maggie, Megan, Margot, Greta, Rita, Marguerite, Madge, Maja, Marjorie, Maddison, Pearl, Gretel

George (farmer): Igor, Geordie, Jove, Jovah, Jordan, Yorick, Granger, Fabius, Parlan

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What about Ana for the middle name.. taken from your maiden name.