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Is this a UGLY name Aspen Gregory

i am a mom and everyone cringes when they hear my sons name which is aspen gregory chaffee junior and i love it and so does my mom but everyone else says it UGLY what do you think

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I don't think its ugly. I never heard of anyone named Aspen. I'm quite sure someone out here has that name.

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Why listen to everyone else. You like it so that is all that matters.
I don't really understand the people who come on here asking for advice on what to name their child. I though that naming your child was a very personal issue.

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i wasnt really asking advice i was just seeing what people thought no matter what thats gonna be his name and it is personal so just calm down there

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When I made the comment about people asking what to name their child I was not referring to you as you have already named your child. Sorry you did not understand what I was saying, You may have to read a bit more carefully and I am very calm, cool, and collected. Thanks

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The name is very beautiful and, powerful! It will make the boy be very successful in his school grades! and he will go on to be a great success in life, a self-started. Stop asking everyone if they like the name, if you do, suddenly the nasty looks, comments form the public will stop.

Gordon Gala

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concerned mom

I know of a girl named Aspen, but I never heard that name for a boy. Guess it cld be used either way. Nice name, though.

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I love the name aspen very cute and strong at same time not 2 crazy about gregory though it is your family and your son so if others don't like it tough it not their opinion that counts as long you and husband do that all that matters. let them name their babies what they want.It nice to have input that why we ask here but in the end what we say means squat!

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I've only heard of Aspen for a girl's name, so paired with Gregory strikes me at first as a boy with a girl's name. Having said that, I have a daughter named Taylor and didn't realize it was also a boy's name when I named her... People have gotten used to my daughter as Taylor and people will get used to your son as Aspen.

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My son was born in 1999 and I named him Aspen Blake. I had planned on this name for him before I was even pregnant! Just tonight we were searching for the meaning of his name and I found out is was mainly a girls name. I never knew anyone with the name growing up but I think it sounds completey masculine!! Everyone I know loves it and he is wonderful! I've met 2 other boys named Aspen since! In my opinion I couldn't of picked a better name for him!! :-)