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Is this a UGLY name Aspen Gregory

i am a mom and everyone cringes when they hear my sons name which is aspen gregory chaffee junior and i love it and so does my mom but everyone else says it UGLY what do you think

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I don't think its ugly. I never heard of anyone named Aspen. I'm quite sure someone out here has that name.

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Why listen to everyone else. You like it so that is all that matters.
I don't really understand the people who come on here asking for advice on what to name their child. I though that naming your child was a very personal issue.

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i wasnt really asking advice i was just seeing what people thought no matter what thats gonna be his name and it is personal so just calm down there

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When I made the comment about people asking what to name their child I was not referring to you as you have already named your child. Sorry you did not understand what I was saying, You may have to read a bit more carefully and I am very calm, cool, and collected. Thanks

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The name is very beautiful and, powerful! It will make the boy be very successful in his school grades! and he will go on to be a great success in life, a self-started. Stop asking everyone if they like the name, if you do, suddenly the nasty looks, comments form the public will stop.

Gordon Gala

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concerned mom

I know of a girl named Aspen, but I never heard that name for a boy. Guess it cld be used either way. Nice name, though.

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My son was born in 2002 and I knew during my pregnancy that whether boy or girl, the 1st name would be Aspen, for a girl it would have been Aspen Mckenzie or, as it turned out thankfully (really wanted another boy) his name is Aspen Jayce. I know ALOT of people as I am involved in alot of community activities and also being a hair stylist by trade I work closely with my clients. Aspen is now almost 10 and as of yet I have only gotten 1 negative response to his name (wouldn't you know it was my own mother!). I LOVE the name. You LOVE the name. Does it really matter what other people think? They don't walk in your shoes!