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Help! my husband wants to give our son a middle name I hate!!!

This is a real pickle we are in, (I am not pregnant just yet, but we are trying..wish us luck)

My husband wants to Name our first son after his grandfather who passed on a few years ago. My husband agreed that it would only be the last name, which is fine, except one thing... His grandfather's name is Max. Not that there is anything wrong with that name.. on fact I love it! However, our last name is one syllable, starting with an S. We have chosen Lucas for the first name, so.. we have Lucas Max S****.too many s's- Not feeling it! So I suggested a 2-syl. variation for Max, and My husband came up with Maxwell... there is my problem. I recently escaped a psychopath that I worked with who possessed that very surname- i cringe at the sound of it! But my husband has fallen absolutely inlove with it!! someone please help!!! I looked up different variations, and he is stuck on Maxwell! Please help me before is get pregnant and its too late to change his mind! lol :)

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concerned mom

There's something to say about family names. My son's middle name is a family name that goes way back. It's not my favorite name either, but it means a lot to me, so we chose it anyway. It's just a middle name. You're gonna hardly use it. I know you want it to sound good w/ your last name, but sometimes a compromise is ok too. I definitely like Max better than Maxwell. Can't think of any other variations of that name. One suggestion: Get a name book. Often you can find many variations of a name, it's meaning and the translation into different languages (i.e.--Andrew and Andreas, Joseph and Josepe, etc).
Right now, I wldn't invest so much time into a name. You may just have a girl, or you may change your mind at some pt. Concentrate on keeping yourself healthy for when you do get pregnant. It's an exciting time. Enjoy every moment! Best of luck to you! Oh, and BTW, I love the name Lucas. That was almost my son's name.

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It's not too late until the social security number application is filled out!

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my opinion entirely!!! There are a lot more important things involved with conception, birth and child-rearing to be thinking about than what middle name your yet-to-be-conceived kid's going to have. One option, however, is to give him TWO middle names, which is classy without being too affected, and becoming more and more popular. And remember, how many times do you actually USE your middle name?

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I just hope your last name isn't Smart.

That would be too funny.