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help with middle name

I really like the name Audrey but my husband and I cannot decide on a middle name to go with it. I liked Audrey Jean, because Jean is after my grandmother but he can't stand it!! So, the only other name I came up with is Audrey Aliceyn! Any suggestions would help!!

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aunt tessie

Audrey Elaine
Audrey Elise
Audrey Marie
Audrey Ann

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If you want to name her after your Grandmother, have you considered Jane in the place of Jean?
Audrey Jane would be nice, IMO. :)

I dislike Audrey Aliceyn -- the alliteration isn't doing it for me and Aliceyn seems both trendy and dated, if that makes any sense? Dated because it sounds like Alison/Alyson. Trendy because of the spelling.