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newport chick

favorite name from these 2...............HELP!

My husabnd and I like 2 names....cant decide which more.
Which do you like more?

Madilynn Grace

Addison Grace

( other daughters are Ellie and Avery ). HELP!!!

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That's really hard as I love both those names too. How about combining the two to get Adilyn Grace? That's super cute and goes w/ the other two girl names.

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Everyone seems to be crazy about Grace and Madilynn or Malena names!
My friend just sent me birth announcement via iPhone with Malena Grace name! Love it much! btw use add when sharing your baby name and picture.

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Animated Life

Addison Grace.

Addison is more flexible in the future. you have to consider that the name has to be timeless too. Addison has a better chance because it is not too girlie and not too boyish

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i think addison is soooooooooooooo cute but not grace its so typical what about hadlie* ala qwen lane* lee rea gray* dawn rene
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Im really over Addison because of how popular its becoming. I think that the name trends that are going on strong right now will fall down quickly and people will go back to more classic names. What about Madison? Not extremely popular right now, but will probably go up in populrity once the names make their rounds.