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Eleanor or Ella

What name do you like better - Eleanor or Ella?

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i like both names. My name is ellie. I think that when choosing a name you have to becareful that the name you give your child does not ryhme with anything mean
( of course there is always one child who will find something that ryhmes with the name you pick ) Names are improtant because they define who your child is to you. is one name more significant then the other. Like marti said they are both nice names Name her Eleanor and call her ella that way if someone does tease her she can always change it to Eleanor which is harder to rhyme with . Just a thought

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To me, Ella sounds more feminine. But Eleanor is nice too.

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yeh that souds nice you are a good friend to how are you  i think you will find  a name you like dont you  think that so take your  time and right me back do you think detris  is a good name byby see you later

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I like using the full name better...I have always though that Ella sounded more like a nn...you can use both and she'll be able to decided what to use as an adult. I have seen Ella on a lot of baby name boards too so Eleanor is a bit more unique.

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Eleanor is more unique, but Ella is timeless.  I pick Ella (my grandmother's middle name and what I will call my daughter-short for Esabella).

My name is Amber.  When I'm a grandma, my name will sound ridiculous!  Amber is pretty, but not timeless. 

I am electing to go by Aunt Am or Gram when I'm older.  At least it SOUNDS more grown up!

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casting another vote for Ella! no contest!!

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I like Ella better. But Marti had a good suggestion. but, to me Elleanor is kind of like an older people name or whatever I just think it sounds a little weird. I would pick Ella