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Due in Feb. and need help with girls name!

We're due in Feb. with our 2nd girl. We have a list, but can't narrow it down for the life of us. We've already cut a few names, but are finding it more and more difficult. What are you opinions?

Isla Annelise
Annelise Sophia
Luciana Claire nn Luci or Ciana
Aubrey Annelise nn Aubrey or Bre
Maya Annelise
Gianna Claire

We are trying to use either a fn or mn with some form or "anne/a" in it to honor his Granny.

Thanks in advance!! :)

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I think Maya Claire also sounds good :-)

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as I said in my post it does have to contain Ann/a so we couldn't use

Maya Claire

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I absolutely love Aubrey Annalise.

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aunt tessie

Brianna Claire

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Delayne Joy

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Annalise Elizabeth
Gianna Maria
Sophia Isla
Maya Sienna
Anna Elaine
Isabella Annelise

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Kat A. Pilar

Clair is such a lovely name that sounds current and has stood the test of time, if you use it do not change it for a trendy nickname!!

Aynsley is a form of Anne you have not listed, that would be a nice first or middle name with any of your others. Please consider how any name sounds with your last name, initials too.