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Change of heart

So, I previously posted about a middle name to got with Audrey but I also like the name Averie. Can't decide which one we like best. I'm voting for Averie now, what do you think?

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Although Audrey sounds really feminine and beautiful but I do vote too for Averie, it's so mystical yet gentle.

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Audrey. Clear winner.
The meaning is nicer and it has much more history and depth. It is also distinctly feminine.

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concerned mom

I like Averie. It's different. You may also like Aubrey (Audrey, except w/ a b). Personally speaking, I wld base my decision on how the name sounds w/ your last name. If you have a long last name, I think Audrey or Aubrey wld flow best. If your last name is short, Averie may sound better. Other considerations: Origin of name, meaning, possible nicknames.
Hope this helps. Overall, congrats, and good luck w/ the baby!