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Can you give me your opinion on these baby girl names?

  Out of these, which do you like the most?  Thanks for your help: )

Katie Alice

Macy Beth

Sarah Elizabeth


Julie Maria


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I like Katie Alice. My granddaughter is called Katie-Louise

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I really like Sarah Elizabeth or Katie Alice.  Maybe even Kate Alice would be good.  Best of luck!

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I like Sarah has a regal quality to it that is just right for a little lady.  For short you can call the child Sadie...casual and precocious...the best of both worlds for a special little girl.

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Definitely Katie Alice, very Victorian and grand.

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I like Sarah Elizabeth better! Sounds sweet.

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Those are all really pretty, feminine names.  My little girl's name is Macy Kathryn, so I love Macy.  You can't go wrong with any of your choices, but I would use Katherine or some variation instead of Katie.  That way you have a sweet nn and a more formal option for when she grows up.

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I think Tara is a nice name. My sister's dauther is named that.

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As a combo I think that Sarah Elizabeth is the best from your list.

I think that Katherine Alice is lovely nn Kate.

Tara said the Aussie way is nice, it is a bit Gone with the Wind, a combo for this may be Tara Scarlett

Julie Maria is not so good Julie Maree would be better.

I prefer Juliette, and Marielle as the middle name.  Juliette Marielle.

Sorry Macy and Beth are not my style.

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I like Sarah Elizabeth the best. They sound very nice together. My cousin has a little girl named Sarah and I have a neice by the same name. They are both beautiful girls. Good luck to you.

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My favorite name is Sarah Elizabeth out of those names it's elegant.