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Bronco for a baby boy name?

we love the name bc it gives an automatic impressions of a strong tough boy...what do you guys think? in 2009 i searched 29 babies were already named this name....

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Boys have better health and are less likely to have social problems if they have more typical names. Girls do fine with unusual names.

It would be better for you to keep bronco as a nickname, not a legal name.

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concerned mom

Very cool. I like it. It's different, and it IS a strong name. Let you're child be proud of his name, whatever it may be. Kids can be cruel regardless. Confidence is the key.

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Sorry but is it a wee colt you're expecting. It sounds more like a horses name but each to their own and if you like it then that's your own business.

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What really matters is what you think. It is unusual and I wouldn't name my child that. The name reminds me on the Bronco's that people use to drive. As stated before, you could use it as a nickname. Being masculine is more about the person, than the name.

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concerned mom

I personally wldn't choose it as a name for my child either b/c it's not my favorite sounding name, but you're right. To each his own. I like the parents' reason for choosing it though. It wldn't be the first time we heard names such as this (i.e.--Colton, Buck). Maybe it's a name that just needs some getting used to, like any new trendy name. It may be the next Jordon. Who knows?

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I think people should avoid naming their children after vehicles. Even though Ford does not make the bronco anymore it was the first thing that came to mind when I read this. But, for the sake of curiousity what would the middle name be?

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My honest opinion is that that name reminds me of a steer running wild. Are you from the midwest by chance? What if by chance this child was a very high strung child... I could hear the comments being made in the schools and by parents and neighbors. It does not give me the impression of a strong boy/man, but that is my opinion. It is your choice what you name your child, but I think a more common name would give your child less trouble in the long run. Good luck with your decision.

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as an older Mom, Bronco, reminds me of the White Bronco scene on the news with O.J. Simpson. sorry :(