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Baby Names! Help!

I am extremely picky. I do like all the now very popular 'unique' names but will not use most of them because they are becoming as popular as "john" which annoys me.

Girl Names
1. Nova
2. Anastasia
3. August
4. Cora
5. Briar

Boy Names
1. Cain
2. Dagon
3. Damon

I am at a loss for boys names now a days... please give thoughts on any of the above names as well as any names you can think of!

1. Raleigh

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Girls Name :-Anastaisa Boys name:-damon
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i wish i had a baby
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Nova is good
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I like the name Damon from the boys and Anastasia from the girls. Here are few other names from my side Girls name Aanie Simmy Jacob Louisa George Boys names Theodore Edward Liam
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Ruben, Patrick, victor, Riley (can be male or female), Zachary, Kevin, Matthew, James, spencer, Collin, Blake, Michael, Steven, Ricky, Tyler