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Baby boy name help!

I think we finally picked a first name! Nolan or Nolyn?? But we don't know about the middle name. We like Matthew or James? Any suggestions on spelling or the middle name?? Thanks!

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How about spelling Matthew, Matthew?
Or James, James?

I named my daughter Kaitlyn......she is now 18 and NEVER writes her full name, she prefers Katy! I was a bit uptight - but, Hm...not into sweating the small stuff anymore.
Nolan Matthew
Nolan James
I think both are nice names.
Congrats on the little tyke!

Crosby, MN

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No lyn looks like you knew he would be two someday, so you just saved time by naming him NO, LYN!

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concerned mom

I prefer names that are not too complicated, especially for a boy. My favorite is Nolan James. Matthew is a nice name too, but I think James sounds better w/ Nolan. If you want to be different, I've seen Matthew spelled Mathew. I suppose you can spell James Jayms, but I always liked the traditional spelling.

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i thin nolyn matthew and whatever your last name would be vey nice together!!!.....

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that very nice the name you put together for her but i really liked the name nolyn matthew the best how about you all but i think that any one that you chose wpuld be very nice cause they both are very nice middle names good luck deciding on a middle name!!!! let me know which one you pick which one will you pick???????????????? well good luck!!!!!

p.s. congratulations on the baby!!!!!!!!!!

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Nolan Matthew very good name just Nolyn looks more like a girl way of spelling it as for james i do not care for that name at all could be it is my ex's though good luck and best wishes with your little one