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Advice for baby #3

Hi everyone! I just wanted some ideas on names (boy and girl) for baby number 3. I already have a 6 yr old daughter Emma Jeanne (pro Jean) and a 21 month old son Ethan David. My hubby and I can't agree on any names for baby #3. Last name is Roberts. I like classic names...I prefer names that can't be shortened, it doesn't have to start with an "E" those are just the only two names we could agree on and they both happened to be an E! Thanks for any suggestions that you have!!!

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concerned mom

Ella or Leah is nice for a girl. I also love Jade or Jaden, Lilly and Olivia. For boys: Ian, Elliot, Jack, Jake, John or Jon and Luke are a few names that come to mind.
Good luck w/ the new baby!