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Any tips for preventing colds?

'Tis the season for germs! What are you moms out there doing to keep the common cold out of your house?

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Frequent hand-washing is the biggest one!

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Stay hydrated!
Disinfect doorknobs, lightswitches, keyboards, phones, with a mild bleach solution (~1 oz. of chlorine bleach to ~ 1/2 gallon of water) if someone with a cold has been in your home.

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Stay with hygienic food and tray to wear cloths according to season.

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Plenty vitamin C and also zinc and echinea are good for preventing colds.

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Wash their face and hands whenever you return home from a public place. Carry hand sanitizer for use in supermarkets, mall, restaurants

Change and remove school clothing when they get home from school or daycare. These carry all germs picked up from school environment.

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All very good advice, I would add staying happy and positive. When we're not feeling that good out immunity levels drop hence getting a cold. Staying happy by doing things that make you feel good, or listening to beautiful music really help. Mindfulness meditation is really good for getting out of negative mindsets.