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Is it OK to adopt a child not in your country?

Is it wrong to adopt a child when ou are out of your birth place and religion place? If you are a Muslim is it OK to adopt a child in America? I know a Muslim woman who wants to adopt a child in America but doesn't know if it's right for her religion or the child's. What do you think?


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When the bio-parents of the child surrender the child for adoption, they will make it known if they have a preference for the religion of the child. It could be that there will be a US woman who is also Muslim and is pregnant and her family is unable or unwilling to provide for the child. Then there would be no conflict about an adoption by a Muslim family. If the bio-parents do not express a preference, then there would also be no conflict. If the bio-parents express a desire for a different faith system, then it would be breaking trust with the parents to place the child contrary to their expressed desire.