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Foster adoption

Me and my husband want to adopt through fostercare anyone here been thru it ? and can give me any help

like what they look for as in your house ,

the money you earn?

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I'm glad that I foster adopted my beautiful daughter. It is alot of paper work and you do need to go through with the MAPP classes, but it's worth it. The adoption process does take awhile. If you do foster adoption, than you have to wait through all the court proceeding (on parental right, blah blah blah) and have a social worker come to your home 1x a month. Hang in there. Its' worth it.

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Not worth it.  Read my comment from Villageofone.

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I think it is worth it. We have adopted out two children from foster care and it has been great. They were both infants when we adopted them. It does take a long time for some, but not for others. For my daughter it took almost a year and for my son it took almost 4yrs!

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my daughter will be turning 8 this Friday. She has crossed alot of milestones and I'm so proud of her. How old are your children?